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About Body Cleansers .com

Body Cleansers & our partner site are THE resources for top-end detox products and self-administered drug tests. With offices located in NY & Nevada, we have become the most trusted leader in online sales for drug testing products since 1997. Our careful testing practices and making sure each product claims to do what it says are why you have trusted us with your future and current employment, insurance exams, mandatory school testing, probation, etc.

Testing Procedures:
The method by which we go about ensuring our products work is both scientific and verified factual knowledge. Our testing procedures involve countless hours of research and continued education. We also stay on top of current testing methods and trends by employing 4 freedom fighters that work within the actual labs that test you every single day. (Realize most of the people that work in these labs are there only for the money and really aren't there to hurt you.)
These "Insiders" keep us up to date on the newest testing methods so we can change the formula in an instant if the need be. They really hold down 2 jobs at once and offer us vital inside secrets helping us to create better solutions.

On a lighter note, every 5 months we setup a "lab" in Amsterdam and perform a special test. We have representatives of Pass Your Drug Test fly to Amsterdam with hundreds of self test kits, 100+ of the leading drug testing products we carry, and also some we don't. We then go to 5 well-known "Coffeeshops" (smoke shops) and renew our friendship with the owners. We ask them about the crowd and who are the heavy smokers. The owner easily points out a few and we now have our testers to help everyone to know if these products really do work. We go exchange a couple of words with these new friends and almost every single person is willing to help. Would you be willing to help?

We go back to the "lab" (actually a great apt. looking over Amsterdam, rented for 2 weeks) and usually with a group of 6 or 7 volunteers at a time from the coffeeshops, begin the tests. Each person must follow the instructions for each individual product. (Some have to go 4 days without smoking or using anything) We first make each person test themselves to see if they actually already do fail the test. If no traces of drugs are present we ask them to kindly leave and give them a nice joint for the walk home. Rarely Happens In Amsterdam.

We ask each person how much they use daily and weekly. This gives us an idea of what products are best for each individual person. We then give them a drug testing product, 3 different brand self test kits to be sure and test new ones, and let them go to the bathroom and do the test. We then look at what works and what does not, and those are the solutions that we offer. Some people also use our shampoos and give us a hair sample to bring back to get tested. This takes up all of the 2 weeks that we are there. There is obviously a little more to it than that. We just want to get the point across that these solutions do work. We only carry the products that do work. There are many products on the market that claim to work, trust us. Those are only claims.

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Unlike many other companies that you may be considering, we really are here to help and strive to answer all of your questions and thoughts through email or phone 24 hours, 7 days per week. Our super friendly customer service reps look forward to helping you pass and will go out of their way to assist you in any way you require. We believe no question is stupid when it involves your life. Chat with us live now by clicking on the button at the top of the page for "Live Help".


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