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Complete Body Cleansing Solutions!
Hair - Blood - Urine Will Be 100% Toxin Free Upon Completion!

Complete Body Cleansing Kits - If you aren't sure of the type of test that is going to be performed on you, or want to completely cleanse your whole body, definitely consider one of our complete body cleansing kits below. Your hair, urine and blood will be permanently cleansed until you use again.

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Extreme Program +All Toxin Shampoo Program
Extreme Total Body Cleanser - Any and all toxins you have ingested can be detected for 90 days. This program eliminates all traces of past drug use, no matter what drug you ingested. Complete the 6 day program and we guarantee your hair, blood and urine will be toxin free. Includes Extreme user body and Heavy hair cleansing programs. 100% success rate! This program is designed for daily users.

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Heavy User Program +All Toxin Shampoo
Heavy User All Toxins Detox Program - Perfect for 4-6x per week users. Combining 2 of our heavy usage cleansing programs geared towards removing all detectable toxins from your entire body. Removes all drugs and is 100% undetectable. 100% success rate.

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Moderate Program +All Toxin Shampoo
Moderate User All Toxins Detox Program - Moderate users, 2-4x per week, that are exposed to toxins find this program always does the job they expect. We include our moderate user blood and urine cleanser and top it off with the all toxin removing shampoo kit. Complete in only 4 days! Upon completion of the programs, your urine, hair and blood will be toxin free!

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Light User All Toxin Removal System - 1-2x per week users enjoy the satisfaction they receive upon completion of this program. The 1st step to ensuring a passing hair test result is to 1st cleanse your blood and urine. his program does just that. Finish the light user permanent body cleanser and then use the toxin removing shampoo to pass any test.

Some info about Detoxifying Your System
With our Complete body cleanse solutions we have combined our strongest shampoo kits with one of our Permanent programs to cleanse your system forever. First you must complete a 4-6 day program so your urine and blood will be toxin free. Each heartbeat can pump out 60 - 80 ml of blood. The heart beats about 70 times a minute. So it only takes 1 - 2 minutes for the blood to complete one cycle of circulation throughout the whole body. (What this means is that toxins are constantly circulating and being deposited in the cuticle area of your hair follicle. No toxins will be released into your Hair follicles any longer after completion of the program.) Now all you have to do is use the detoxifying shampoo kit and your entire body will be toxin free. We also add in 2 free test kits of your choice so you can test yourself before the actual test. If you are unsure what kind of test is going to be performed on you or just want to permanently cleanse your whole body, this is the solution for you. Just choose the level that is right for you and leave the rest to us..

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