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Drug Testing News Stories

School drug test measure said unneeded

Teen Drops Marijuana Joint in Courtroom

Padres Dispute Gwynn's Amphetamine Claim

Carl Lewis's positive drug test covered up

IOC: 'Mind' sports must drug test, too!  (Chess Players Folks...)

Experts shocked by Naughty Boy Opiate Drink

Lawmakers never tire of drug-testing bills

Morristown man suing Wal-Mart for bias

Unregulated drug cleansers raise debate

Workers subject to drug tests

Ecstasy testing kits prove unreliable

Snowboarder suspended for life for positive drug test

NCCo starts random drug testing

Nevada bill boosts legal marijuana level in blood while driving

DUI coordinator charged with drunk driving

Man goes on trial for deadly crash

Drug Test For Drivers Gets Endorsement

Plow driver tests positive for drugs

Green-and-purple piddle puzzles police

Firms Offer Ways to Foil Drug Tests

Urine sample required of job seekers

Feds Smoke Out Chong?

BROKEN GLASS! Feds hit headshops and indict 55 pipe-sellers; Chong, Zong and Jerome Baker among targets

55 Charged in Drug Paraphernalia Sales

Businessman held in drug testing scam

Why diuretics are banned in sport

NBA suspends Kemp Again

Pub customers face random drug testing

Federal jury in California convicts "Guru of Ganja" on marijuana cultivation

Calif. Jurors Convict, Then Decry Marijuana Verdict

City Council Approves Pound Limit For Medical Marijuana

Smoking Weed on School Trip Not a Crime

Students volunteer for drug testing

Are Your Employee Drug Tests Accurate?

Drug-Testing Industry Tries To Thwart Drug-Test Foilers

Businesses upgrade to newer, more efficient drug-testing method

Drug Czar Decries Ariz. Pot Measure

Cocaine Damages the Brain's Pleasure Cells

Pro-marijuana measures go down in 3 states

The Old Mac That Went to Pot

NASCAR collects signed substance abuse policies before track action begins

7 NY Mets Reportedly Smoked Marijuana

County To Pay Officers To Take Drug Tests

Firefighters Resign After Failing Drug Test

Be Wary Of The Whizzinator

Pass Your Drug Test .com 2-7-2000 News!

Pass Your Drug Test .com News! 8-11-2001

Pass Your Drug Test .com News! 8-12-2001

Read Our Reply To 8-12-2001 Article

Internet shoppers can expect one less product online: urine from South Carolina.

Urine Leads To Lawsuit!

US High Court Considers School Drug Tests!

 How is a GC/MS, a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry test used to confirm positive drug test results? Find Out Here..

Lab Accused Of Falsifying Drug-Testing Results

Long-time, heavy marijuana users may eventually see their memory and attention span go up in smoke..

Pot Pain-Killer Under Consideration for Britons

Poll Says College Freshmen Lean Left

Accused workers challenge drug-test results in court

Your Urine, Please. (effects of mandatory drug testing)

Students don't always have a right to privacy

Delta Air Lines Inc. faces a proposed $100,000 penalty for an alleged violation of the Federal Aviation Administration's drug testing program, the agency said...

After numerous delays, the NFL finally made its ruling and now the Chicago Bears' 258-pound fullback will miss the playoffs. He's been suspended for four games for violating the league's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances.

Police in north Florida arrested two sons of the late Jamaican reggae star Bob Marley on marijuana possession charges after finding several "big joints"

April 20. Dude! Do you have any idea what that means?

Illegal drug use in both professional and amateur sports is much more widespread and entrenched than doctors and most people realize!

The Jefferson Parish School District will begin mandatory drug testing next school year.


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