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Body Cleansers Drug Use Timetable


Misc Names

Dependence Detection Usage
  Physical Mental  
Opium Dover's Powder, Paregoric, Laudanum High High 1-7 days Oral, smoked
Morphine Morphine, Roxanol, Roxanol-SR High High 1-7 days Oral, smoked, injected
Codeine Tylenol w/Codeine, Empirin w/Codeine, Robitussin A-C, Fiorinal w/Codeine Moderate Moderate 1-7 days Oral, injected
Heroin Diacetylmorphine, Horse, Smack, Dragon's Tail High High 1-7 days Injected, sniffed, smoked


Dilaudid High High 1-7 days Oral, injected
Meperidine Demerol, Mepergan, Pethidine High High 1-7 days Oral, injected
Methadone Dolophine, Methadone High Moderate 1-12 days Oral, injected
Oxycodone Percodan, Percocet, Tylox High High 1-24 hours Oral, injected
Other Opiates Numorphan, Tussionex, Fentanyl, Darvon, Lomotil, Talwin High-Low High-Low 1-24 hours Oral, injected
Alcohol Beer, Wine, Liquor High High 1-10 hours Oral
Barbiturates Amytal, Butisol, Fiorinal, Nembutal, Seconal, Tuinal, Phenobarbital, Black Beauties High High 1-10 days Oral


Ativan, Dalmane, Diazepam, Librium, Xanax, Serax, Valium, Tranxene, Versed, Halcion, Paxipam, Restoril High High 1-6 weeks Oral
Quaalude High High 2 weeks Oral
Glutethimide Doriden High Moderate 1-10 days Oral
Other Depressants Equanil, Miltown, Noludar, Placidyl, Soma, Chloral Hydrate Moderate Moderate 1-7 days Oral
Cocaine Coke, Flake, Snow, Crack High High 1-7 days Sniffed, smoked, injected
Biphematine, Delcobase, Desoxyn, Dexedrine, MDMA, Obetrol, Reds Moderate High 1-10 days Oral, injected
Preludin Moderate High 1-7 days Oral, injected
Ritalin Possible Moderate 1-7 days Oral, injected
Nicotine Cigarettes, Chewing Tobacco, Cigars High High 1-7 days Sniffed, smoked, oral
Other Stimulants Adipex, Cylert, Didrex, Ionamin, Plegine, Tenuate, Tepanil, Prelu-2 Moderate High 1-7 days Oral, injected
LSD Acid, Microdot None Low 8 hours Oral
Mescaline Buttons, Cactus, Peyote None Moderate 1-7 days Oral
Amphetamine Variants 2,5-DMA; PMA; STP; MDA; TMA; DOM; DOB Unknown Moderate 1-24 hours Oral, injected
Phencyclidine PCP, Angel Dust, Hog Unknown High 1-8 days Smoked, oral, injected
Marijuana Pot, Acapulco Gold, Grass, Reefer, Sinsemilla, Thai Sticks Unknown Moderate 1day -
11 weeks
Smoked, oral
Tetrahydro-cannabinol THC, Marinol Unknown Moderate 1days -
11 weeks
Smoked, oral
Hashish, Hashish Oil Hash Unknown Moderate 1days -
11 weeks
Smoked, oral
Other Hallucinogens Bufotenine, Ibogaine, DMT, DET, Psilocybin, Psilocin, PCE, PCPy, TCP None Unknown 6 hours Smoked, oral, injected, sniffed

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