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Think Goldenseal can help you Pass Your Marijuana Drug Test?

..."contrary to popular rumor, there is NO evidence that goldenseal, vinegar, niacin, or vitamin C help"...(to pass a marijuana drug
test) -Source > California NORML National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

The Goldenseal herb has many uses but helping to pass a drug test is not one of them. The facts are clear. Goldenseal is useless as an aid to help someone pass a urine analysis drug test for Marijuana or in passing any other drug test. Take no chances with drug testing. Don't fail your drug test because of rumors about herbal remedies like Goldenseel. Use proven, tested detox natural herbal products that really work to detoxify your body of drug toxins and residue and really allow you to pass any drug test .

Renowned medical writer, Steven Foster, in an article entitled Goldenseal's Future notes that Goldenseal's future is threatened by the mistaken belief that Goldenseal can help someone pass a marijuana drug test. He writes:

"Unfortunately, one aspect of goldenseal that has driven the market in recent years is the notion that goldenseal will somehow affect the outcome of urinalysis for drug testing. This practice is a part of American folk culture, evolving from a novel by pharmacist John Uri Lloyd. Stringtown on the Pike, the most popular of his eight novels, was published in 1900. In the plot goldenseal bitters are erroneously mistaken for strychnine in a chemical test by an "expert" chemical witness in a murder trial. The accused murderer is convicted on the testimony, though the stomach of the deceased did not contain strychnine at all, but goldenseal, from the victim's morning habit of drinking digestive bitters. As a result, goldenseal became a part of American folklore associated with chemical testing errors. It has been used on occasions in this century to an attempt to mask the use of morphine in race horses (without success). Because of the practice of ingesting goldenseal to affect the outcome of drug testing, some drug testing labs are now testing for presence of goldenseal in urinalysis. If this use of goldenseal subsided, it would return to a more rational place in herbal medicine as an antiinflammatory and antibiotic.

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