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This customer testimonial section is our way of proving to you that our solutions do indeed work. We stand behind every detox product we offer and guarantee everyone who follows the kits instructions will pass any hair, blood, saliva or urine drug test.
Please take some time to go through our many customer testimonials users like yourself have sent in. Each letter you read is honest and should help you figure out which drug test solution is best for you.
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After you pass, our current and future viewers will greatly appreciate it if you send in your testimonial. What you write is up to you. It will only take 5 minutes of your time and you truly will be helping many people choose their best solution so they can pass a drug test.
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Got a great call this morning telling me I have passed!!
Thank you for creating the detoxifying shampoo.
I passed my hair test thanks to your THC detox
I passed my oral drug test!
I used your mud kit it worked great
Do you have any Drug or Alcohol Abuse Problems
Offered my dream job recently making over $75,000
I PASSED THE HAIR TEST! Kudos to Pass Your Drug Test
I just had to write and say that Duz'z It did it!
Visited your site and bought the heavy THC shampoo
I needed to take a pre-employment drug test in 2 weeks.
I passed my hair test with flying colors.
The shit works no matter how much you smoke.
I found out I had to have a urine test in two weeks.
You are an honest vendor who makes an excellent product.
The fizzy tabs - they definitely do work. 
I took the 45 min pill after 11 days off of smoking.
Was pretty worried because I smoked pot EVERY DAY!
I bought the crisis capsules as a last resort. AND PASSED!
I must admit, I was skeptical, I mean, with my luck and all.
Employees and contractor employees to be DOT regulated.
Asking me if I could come in for my drug test.
I was a pretty heavy smoker before this job called me
My wife and I have smoked marijuana for 25 years
You saved my bacon and changed my life from here on.
Hello all you doubters! You will pass your drug test!
I failed the 1st test after using a product from a head shop.
I've been a daily smoker for over 11 years.
I ordered and used All Drug Shampoo last week.
I have been a lab tech for over 20 years..
This program worked. Our business plan will go forward.
I passed my hair strand for the career I have always wanted.
Get some of this Duz'z it pass your drug test offers.
You saved my job, house and life.
Thanks for the help you've given me over the last month.
People need to realize, marijuana is not a terrible monster
I'd just like to say that the All Drug shampoo works!
Offered my dream job but first I had to pass the pee test.
ordered the Permanent Kit and 45 minute  right away.
I am not a criminal, a drug dealer, or any of the other.
My son claims that he quit, I want to believe him.
I've heard it's harder to detect drugs in Hair but I'm not sure.
I gave 2 diluted samples for a pre employment drug screen
I plan to follow the directions faithfully and give up smoking.
I was an everyday smoker, but was abstinent for 10 days.
Convinced me nothing to lose by using your Heavy Detox kit.
You guys are great, I ordered some of your Never fail.
Found your website and found the capsules
We purchased the Duzz it and she passed her test
I have used your product, 1 Hour quick flush tea

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