Yes, regardless of what you read or hear, you can pass the urine drug test.

Many drug-using individuals are aware of techniques that detoxify their systems or mask their drug use. Some drink large amounts of water just before the test to dilute their urine; others add salt, bleach, or vinegar (salt and bleach are detectable, vinegar is hard on the kidneys when taken in large amounts) to their sample. In some cases, users call on their drug-free friends for bottles of clean urine.

Popular magazines and Internet sites give advice on how to dilute urine samples, and there are even companies that sell clean urine or products designed to distort test results. A number of techniques and products are focused on urine tests for marijuana,
but masking products increasingly are becoming available for tests of hair, oral fluids, alcohol drug testing and multiple drugs including chemicals, prescription and club drugs.

Most of these masking products do work and are almost always undetectable in the testing process. But even if the specific drug is successfully masked, the
product itself can be detected if the manufacture uses golden seal, in which case the specimen would become an obvious candidate for additional screening and