A DOT test is the abbreviation for a Department of Transportation. This means the testing guidelines have been regulated by the DOT, and if the guidelines are not followed the results are considered invalid. Not all tests are DOT regulated, but most are. To make the testing process easier companies follow the DOT guidelines to minimize mistakes.

The first test for the DOT is a five panel EMIT. The cut off for marijuana on the screen is 50 ng/ml, which is a composite of all 31 metabolite concentrations. If the sample is below this level the test is over as a passing status. If the sample is over 50 ng/ml the sample is sent on to a GC/MS for confirmation. The cutoff for the confirmation is lower at 15 ng/ml because the machine only identifies one of the 31 metabolites which is the 11-nor-D-9-tetrahyrocanibinolic acid. To pass, the one metabolite must be below the 15-ng/ml cutoff. Urine LuckTM works best on DOT tests which utilize a GC/. The chart below summarizes five drugs of abuse found on the screen.

Drug # of Metabolites EMIT cut off GC/MS cut off
Marijuana 31 50 ng/ml 15 ng/ml
Cocaine 4 300 ng/ml 150 ng/ml
Opiates 3 2000 ng/ml 2000 ng/ml
Phencyclidine 1 25 ng/ml 25ng/ml
Amphetamines 5 1000 ng/ml 500 ng/ml

DOT tests are the hardest test to pass if the donor does not use a detoxifying product. However, if a detoxifying product is used, the DOT is the easiest test pass. Each type of detoxifying product works via a unique mechanism on drug tests. Refer to the product sections of this report for the mechanism information and explanation.