A-Z Enterprises has been in business since 1987, started out as a Mom and Pop Health Store in Sparks, Nevada. All of our products are undetectable for the urine drug test, hair, oral fluids (saliva), alcohol, sweat (patch) and fingernail drug test. We started shipping our products for website’s in 1991, then bought out the owner of www.passyourdrugtest.com.

All of our products are UNDETECTABLE in any test. We were the first to come out with a Permanent Total Body Cleanse, a 32 ounce Detoxification Drink (Test‘in DUZz-It) and our site had the original Never Fail, Test’in Powdered Tea, Second in the Nation to come out with a cleansing shampoo and one of the more successful one’s, the Test’in Shampoo line, only one that has Test’in Hair Mudd for chemicals, Test’in Patch, Test’in line for Oral Fluid Saliva Tests, Test’in Spit n Kleen, (most companies don’t tell the consumer that any urine drug test products with the exception of Synthetic Urine can help pass a saliva drug test) and develop the only Fingernail Cleanse to date in the world that we are aware of Test’in Fingernail Cleanse and we private label and developed one of the first Steroid Cleanses.

Our products and programs have been copied by several other manufactures and website’s but we are the original and one of the oldest on the net, bashed all over the net and we feel that’s great, means they are working and that they are worried about competition. We have a 99.99 success rate and most failure’s are due to human error or the individual not wanting to admit to themselves the extent of their usage