Benzodiazepines Single Panel Kit

Benzodiazepines Single Panel Kit


Amphetamines Single Panel Kit



These are the same home testing kits that are usually sold to employers, courts, schools, drug counselors and rehab centers as well as individuals for personal use. Home Test Kits are also used by parents for use in the privacy of their own home to drug test their children. We have a wide range of single panel drug test kits that includes a marijuana drug test kit, cocaine drug test kit, amphetamine drug test kit, meth drug test kit and a saliva drug test kit. We also carry multi panel home drug test kits as well as a five panel test kitUrine drug tests make up approximately 85% of all drug testing done today.

Home Test Kits are for cleanses, to check yourself for drugs and for your information only. They are not intended for use with the Same Day Solutions. Also known as “Cassette with Pipette” is one of the most popular formats requested. Each device (cassette) consists a test strip encased in a plastic device and a pipette. With the test on a flat surface, the specimen is drawn into the pipette and dispensed as directed into the sample well (S). Results appear in the viewing window in just minutes. We have a great select available in this format including single panel and multi panel kits:

We do not refund on Home Test Kit results or give replacements on products because of them, they are for informational purposes only.

All orders are shipped signature required, an adult must be at the delivery address to personally sign for and accept the package.



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