Ahhh man….at first I had my doubts about your products but now I truly believe they are a gift sent from heaven…Ya see my company just landed this big contract and that particular company requires all of there employees and contractor employees to be DOT regulated. Keep in mind this company i work for has not drug tested a single sole sense the time they opened the door in 1970’s. Needless to say there were a few tokers on the payroll. Me being one of them. When we got the news about the drug testing it was never disclose to us that everyone would be subjected to the first test then randomed from there. We were told that we were going to randoms. This was on a Friday. So pretty much everyone was sweating but me..ya see I had purchased some Tinkle Sprinkle about 2 months prior to this notification because I had a minor accident and was worried i would be drug tested also to put an ease on my mind that if some thing did happen where i needed to pee i would be covered. Any way everyone walks into work on Monday and guess what….Yep you guessed it..DRUG TEST! and we all had 30mins from the time the forms were handed to us to be at the testing center. Ahh man I drank so much water in 30 mins I pissed every 5 mins for 2 days. But what saved me was the Tinkle Sprinkle. There was no way in hell that I would have passed that test. My friends were not so lucky. When they handed the lady their cups they were damn near melting. This was so close to being my job and i have only one person to thank for allowing me to keep this job. THANK YOU “Pass Your Drug Test .com” if it was not for you I would have been jobless. Now all of my friends buy from you guys.