Hello all you doubters! I’ve been a smoker for many years and a once a day smoker only (except for weekends) for about 2 years. I got the job of a lifetime and was told that before I start I would have to have a urine test. I was very worried because I didn’t have enough time to clean out on my own. The people at this site suggested I use the Total Body heavy kit for my situation because I wanted to be absolutely sure and honestly, a bit paranoid because of the more than two decades I had smoked. This job opportunity was way too important to screw up. I stopped smoking for 11 days before my kit arrived. I took a test at home a failed. I started on 7/25 and ended on 7/30 (the sixth day). I followed the program to the letter and I took another test on the afternoon of the 30th. I WAS CLEAN. No joke. Even though I was still a little skeptical when I started the Total Body detox, I now believe in miracles! I can thank the people at the site and my new best friend PassYourDrugTest.com for that! Thanks a million and I will tell people about this site. I think testing is bull, because what I do at home has nothing to do with anything about work. How could we be responsible people, hold jobs and do good work if we were affected by what we do on OUR time. But when you want to job that means the world to you, you have to do what they want. I know a person who smokes before work and has been at the same job for 18 years! Would that be possible if smoking made him unreliable at the job? No way. No boss would put up with that! Thanks again to the site people. Remember, I’m an average Joe (No, that’s not my name) who now has a job that will change my life and don’t have to give myself an aneurysm waiting for my test results. And three cheers for the Dr. and his products. Pass it on (pardon the pun)