I can’t believe this!!!! I’m still in shock. I just got offered a new job in which I doubled my salary!!!!! For those of you new to the message board and others interested in hair testing and the Total Body cleansing shampoo you offer and my drug background, I’ll go into exquisite detail. I’m 34 years old. Smoked pot, did coke, etc heavily when I was 18, 19, 20 years old. Had to stop all of it when my boyfriend (ex-bf now) made me. I was with him for 13 years, so I was completely clean from age 21 to 34. When we broke up, I started smoking pot again heavily. 2 or 3 joints a day…..no other drugs. Found out about this great job so put my application in and quit smoking cuz I knew they had a drug test. I had to take a 6 hour long test for the job one Saturday on Applied Math, Applied Technology, Teamwork……crap like that. This is when they told us the drug test would be a hair follicle test if we passed this written test. I passed the test and was called in for an interview. Meanwhile, I was searching the web for hair follicle shampoo…hehehe. I saw many advertised, but for some reason was drawn to yours. I liked the way the info was presented on the web site….seemed very professional in comparison to other sites I had been to. I ordered the the Total Body cleansing shampoo you offer package for thc (marijuana only) since I didn’t do any other drugs. At this point I wasn’t sure I would even be chosen to be tested after my interview but I didn’t want to take any chances and be stuck with no shampoo. I know $130 is a lot to spend, but I figured either I’d get a good paying job if it worked, or I’d get my money back so I really had nothing to lose. I had it delivered overnight. The only potential problem that could have happened here is if my hair test would have been fairly early the next day because the package arrived in the afternoon and it takes about 2 hours to use the product. I found out I passed the interview and they scheduled me for the hair test. By this time, it had been about 20 days since I had last smoked. My hair test was at 3pm and I used the shampoo on the same day…about 10am. I followed the instructions exactly. The night before I went to Wal-Mart and bought the shower cap required…..like 97 cents for a cheap, disposable shower cap. Went in and took the test. They snipped about 25 or so hairs from 2 spots on the top of my head. They asked for a photo id…no questions about any meds I might be taking, etc. This was on Feb 9….I got my call from the employer today….Feb 15. I asked if she was sure I had passed the drug test…….I told her I wanted to know becuz I was concerned about it becuz I was a front desk clerk at a hotel and had smelled pot in the hallways before and was concerned it might show up. That is true by the way, too…hehehe. But I wanted her to tell me for sure I had passed it because she just said she was gonna schedule me next for the physical and background check, but couldn’t give me the exact start date til Friday. That’s when she told me I had passed. I said……so I’m hired for sure…I can call and tell everyone? She said yes…..as long as my physical exam and background check were ok, which she foresaw no problem and I know I’ll have no problem with that either. Soooooooooo……..I’d been smoking pot heavily again for about 3 months before the test. My hair is long and very blonde, and I’ve heard it’s harder to detect drugs in it but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. Not sure about the rate of my hair growth….if the thc coulda grown out by then….They said they tested me 90 days back on the form, and I quit 20 days before so i doubt it. Man am I babbling or what!!! Someone PINCH me!!!! So, I’d definitely say it would be worth trying the the Total Body cleansing shampoo you offer. I can’t say it will work for sure….but it has appeared to work in my particular situation. There are 2 types of the Total Body cleansing shampoo you offer shampoo though…..one for thc only and the other for all toxins…..make sure you get the right one for you. I’ll continue to check this message board to see if anyone has any questions for me…..but it has served it’s purpose for me so I’m sure I’ll eventually drift on. Just wanted everyone to know my results. Thanx for the info everyone….I am truly a “richer” person for it. =o)