I emailed you guys about a month ago and I was the one that bought the 12 bottles of the Duzz it. First I’d like to say that from our whole team, we thank you.. I really didn’t know if people would come around and take the bottles but when I just left them there for people to take, they were all gone, meaning there were 12 users on our team. After everyone left, 4 more people came up to me and told me that they needed a bottle in private. That’s when I ordered 10 more bottles, just to make sure. (I honestly didn’t think that I had so many drug users on the team.) It kind of makes me look a little different at drug use now. My athletes are star players and as we discussed, 1-2 of our players per year make it to the pro’s. I’d say 40% use marijuana and some have confided in me that they always smoke before actual games! This totally shocked Me! Especially when it was coming from the captain of my defense! He averages more than 30 sacks per year and is on scholarship. Anyways.. I think all coaches should use this technique. They need to tell your players that it isn’t ok to use drugs but you know that they are going to use. Get some of this Duz’z it pass your drug test offers and leave it on the table. I promise you all of the bottles will be gone and all of your players will be able to play this season. You will be amazed at how quickly the bottles disappear. Not only did this bring our team together, every single one of our players passed their urinalysis. They now treat me like a friend and a coach. We all thank you and you know I will be in touch. Post this for some coach to see. I am sure it will help someone..

Thanks Again!