I lost my job in May. It took me several months to find a job that I liked that paid well. Lets just say it is my dream job. I was offered the job last Monday and accepted it. I received a phone call on Thursday from the Human Resource department asking me if I could come in for my drug test. I was shocked. I started looking on the internet for some sites to help me pass. I am not what I would consider a “drugie”, but I do occasionally smoke some weed. I found your website and spoke to a representative who suggested the crisis capsules. I was very skeptical on if they would work or not. I ordered them overnight and received them this morning. I followed the directions and went to take the test with my fingers crossed. When the results came back I was amazed. I passed!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much! I just wanted to let all others that visit your site know that your products really do work. It is NOT a scam. If I ever have to take another test, I will definitely be back!