I stumbled onto this site while looking for information for my son on how long crystal meth stays in the system. We have been going through some pretty terrible stuff as a family because of drugs. My son claimed that he had quit, and I want to believe him. He just stopped hanging around the people he used to do drugs with and has spent some time with an uncle who was addicted to cocaine who has gone through rehab. This all helped, but the hardest part has been moving on. My son has moved on with his life, except for a slip here or there, but unfortunately no one else has. People still assume that he is still using drugs daily. I don’t know how long it will take before he actually proves that he is indeed clean. I pray that he isn’t lying to us because we’ve come so far. He used for about 8 years I’m told, and is approximately 5-11″ 135lbs so I’m not sure how long this stuff stays in your system. I ordered the 1 Hour emergency tea for him and he did pass his urine test with it. I found out he used 3 days prior to the test also. As a parent it has killed me to think that he has been involved in this stuff, I knew that something was up with him, but hid my head in the sand denying that it was drugs. Stupid huh? If you can quit, I highly encourage it. If you can afford help, get it. This stuff truly does destroy your life, your body, and your future. I know from experience that it lead to nowhere, and it’s awfully hard to get back to somewhere.