Just wanted to let anyone out there that is curious about the fizzy tabs know that they definitely do work. I ordered the tabs for myself, and right after being offered a Total Body job the 9/11 catastrophe occurred. I had a friend here that was visiting from Arizona (here being Colorado). That friend had an open case pending in court, and had to do a piss test, in court, the very next day. Of course, the friend mentions this to me the night before his court case, and right after we had smoked a few blunts of some really good bud. I remembered my fizzy tabs and suggested that he use them. I also suggested that he fast that night and drink lots of water in hour intervals, since he waited till the last minute to tell me. We are every day users, smoking usually one blunt and a few joints every day. Neither one of us tops the scales at 150. When he woke up the next morning before his court time, we only had one hour before court to prepare him for the drug test. We used the fizzy tabs. He went to court and the only way I would know they worked was if he came back later that evening. His court time was at 9:30 a.m. He finally arrived home at 5pm with quite a smile on his face and told me that he passed his drug test with flying colors. If he hadn’t passed, he would have been looking at some serious jail time, and he had just become a new father. Needless to say, I was very relieved at the outcome and now know that when I have to use them, (obviously not one hour before testing) I am guaranteed great results. You can trust these products. You really can.