OK people out there here is a good story. I gave 2 diluted samples for a pre employment drug screen . I have worked for this company as a temp. I was told to have another test taken at my expense. That is when I found this site. I also add I am a heavy user of the bud. At least joint a night if not more. I stopped smoking 2 days prior to taking the kit. Went to the local hospital to have my sample taken. My results come back neg. I went into my work with a grin from ear to ear. Handed the personnel director my paper work. Well guess what, that wasn’t good enough for them. The wanted a document now from my personnel doctor telling them why I was DILUTED. So I went to my doctor after only stopping from my habit for two weeks. At my physicians I had to give a quick dip U/A. After that being negative he told me “HELL YOU COULD DRINK TO MUCH COFFEE, BUT WE SHALL SEE.” so he took another urine sample and blood work to have checked out. Well got my results back today and I was clean as a whistle. I got my letter also stating I just drank to much before taking my two previous test. Plan on being hired in the next two weeks. So if you need to pass a blood test, the Total Body kit although not very enjoyable , It is definitely well worth the $$$$. Peace and good luck to all.