To start off I would like to thank you for the help you’ve given me over the last month. I am a 41 year old male that has smoked pot for the last 23 years up until my recent custody battle. Make a long story short, I was forced to take a series of drug tests to prove I was a pot smoker so she could take my kids and take 65% of my earnings per month also.. I was scared. I then stumbled upon this site and had a couple of questions answered rather quickly by your staff. I went with Alex’s suggestion and bought the Duzz It drink. I will be honest with you all. I really had my doubts. All I could think was, How can something be as easy as just drinking a bottle of this? How can this make me pass after 23 years of use. You know the saying, if it is too good to be true, it cant be real.. So I really had my doubts. So I went with a friends suggestion and bought the ready clean from the friendly little smoking shop down the way. I drank the ready clean the day of the test which was April 4th. and thought I was set… Get to the lab, pee in the cup, go home and then light up a nice little celebratory hit.. (Don’t do this by the way..) Guess what, I get a call from the lab the next day and they said there were very low traces of THC in my sample and in order for them to give an accurate reading to the court, they would need to retest immediately. My heart sunk. Can you imagine losing your kids and your cash over a couple of hits of pot now and then? I called up the number on the ready clean bottle and listened to a wonderfully prepared answering machine tell me to leave a message for an hour.. I only had 1 more hour to pass this test! I called up the number Alex gave me for his products and they passed me off to him and we spoke for about 10 minutes. I told him how important this was and he reassured me I would pass if I drank the Duz it I had already bought. He convinced me… I drank the Duz it as instructed and then went to the test. I gave the sample and they automatically gave me the results right then. There was no THC at all to be found., This made them a little suspicious and they had me give another sample right then 40 minutes later. Alex said I was clean for 7 hours so I wasn’t worried. (Alex, your confidence really helped me through this, thank you..) I gave another sample and it was also clean. I told them that was all they were getting and acted like I was mad my wife made me do this…. I passed my urine test!!!! Now my wife is angry because she knows I smoke… She asks around and finds out how to test for drugs besides urine.. She learns about these great tests called Hair testing and Blood Testing…… Needless to say, she found out where I could be tested and she lovingly had it setup. Now I was scared. I read on the Psychemedics link that they can test back 3-6 months! Also since I was a regular user of THC for all of these years, I knew it would be hard for me to pass. I contacted Alex again and he told me that he could definitely help. I now had my trust in him and respected his advice. I got the THC Shampoo and the 4 day Extreme Total Body program. I completed the 4 days of pills and that toxin remover formula and then waited for the test to be scheduled. 2 days after I completed the program, I was told I had to report for the hair test tomorrow.. So I did the 2 hours of shampooing my head and caught a little of the rangers game.. (Go rangers!) I washed the stuff out and went to bed. I woke up, went to the test, they pulled out my hair and put it in a baggie that I had to sign, and then they put it in an envelope and sent it off. I then went down the hall and had to let them take my blood. I really hate needles so my wife won on this one.. They took my blood and off I went. Now the wonderful waiting game…. I have waited 3 1/2 weeks for my results from these last 2 tests and was wonderfully informed I passed both!!! Alex you have really saved my life and my kids from her greedy mother. I still cant believe this worked. I am going to order a case of the Duzz it.. I’m not kidding either. I really believe that people should order this stuff to always have on hand because you really never know when you’ll have to give a damn drug test to someone. I know the only test she can afford now is a urine test. She wasted $850 so far on this drug testing game. I think I have won… To all of you that need to pass, do what I did. I am not kidding at all. If it worked for me, it will work for any of you. I smoked the kindest for the last 20 years!!!!! Over 2 joints daily. My hair was probably all THC. I probably could have smoked it and gotten a buzz… Anyways, I hope you post this so that someone will read this and I pass off my good luck and fortune to them. All you have to do is believe. I didn’t believe in the Duzz it and then went with the ready clean. Don’t Use Ready Clean!! They should call it ready fail!! Good Luck and God Bless!